Choosing the Right Builder

The process of building a new home is an exciting one, but can also be slightly daunting. As you would have seen, there seems to be an almost endless list of builders to choose from, with each of them claiming experience, knowledge and reliability. Knowing how to distinguish one builder from another requires a bit of familiarity with the industry, but there’s a few simple points that will put you on the right path to choosing the best builder for your new home.

The first is to know what a Project Builder is. Your average Project Builder offers a set number of designs and packages, building en masse while trying to streamline the development process. The tradesmen they employ are often specialised in their skill set, so a typical Project Builder may be reluctant to offer too much customisation, since deviating from the standard design and construction plan may take time and expertise outside their budget.

Another option, of course, is a local or independent builder. These are typically self-employed individuals who come from a trade background, possibly with an additional apprentice or carpenter on hand. They are most commonly carpenters by trade themselves, and may not be well experienced in the design and construction of complete homes. Employing a local or independent builder usually means that the preparation of designs and plans, as well as acquiring approval, will be left up to you, as these builders usually often won’t get involved until all plans are complete and approved. Since the team is usually very small, local and independent builders may only be able to take on small parts of work at a time, making the construction a lengthy process.

The alternative is to employ a specialist, HomeQuest Prestige Home Builder. Our builders combine the experience and cost-efficiency of a Project Builder with the flexibility and individual care of a custom, contracted builder. HomeQuest Prestige Home Builders build architect-designed homes with innovative, award-winning designs. Each of our builders constantly updates their portfolio to keep in line with new design trends, keeping them at the cutting edge of the industry. Unlike a local or independent builder, HomeQuest Prestige Home Builders assist you at every stage of the building process; from the initial design, through to council applications, surveys, build and construction and customised fit outs. You deal direct with an experienced builder at every stage.

Choosing the right builder for your new home can be a daunting task. By employing a HomeQuest Prestige Home Builder you’re employing the best in the industry, and making the process to your new home as easy, and as exciting as it should be.