The Martini

The Martini is KDE Living’s pre-designed home. A showcase for our ability to create architecturally designed contemporary homes, it is a considered space tailored to suit the individual lifestyles of our clients.

KDE Living is proud to have an average 6 star NaTHERS rating. We strive to deliver a more comfortable and healthy home by incorporating

  • Thermal comfort
  • Exceptional acoustic performance
  • Controlled ventilation = better air quality
  • Natural light control

The combination of these four elements ensures the energy efficiency and lower operating costs of every Martini home.

About the builder

KDE Living is the recently launched architectural home range by the KDE Group. Founded in 1991 as KDE Constructions, the company has 25 years experience working exclusively with Sydney’s premiere architectural firms to create unique and contemporary residential projects.

KDE designs and builds individual residences and boutique medium density projects. With a core focus of environmental sustainability, an incorporation of forward thinking materials and processes ensures the promotion of effective, comfortable and economical living.

Building a house with KDE living is a highly collaborative process between the company and client. By working alongside our client we are able to create a bespoke home based largely on the individual and their lifestyle.

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